Prices for a Past Residential Retreat 

(for information only)

MAVN operates with a "tier system".  The actual daily cost of the retreat is reflected in Tier 3. If you choose a higher tier, your additional contribution will help to pay for someone who chooses Tier 4 or 5 rather than asking for financial assistance. Anyone who pays above the daily cost will be making a tax-deductible contribution and receive a statement to that effect for tax purposes.

Prices for the 2019 retreat:

Tier 1 - $1255.00
Tier 2 - $1150.00
Tier 3 - $1045.00
Tier 4 - $940.00
Tier 5 - $835.00

Single Room Fee - $275.00 (purchase available to Tier 3 and above)

Financial Aid Price - $475.00 minimum (limited number available)
Diversity Initiative Price - $475.00 minimum (limited number available)