There are many tasks involved in keeping the retreat running smoothly. Please choose at least 2-3 time slots to volunteer in a particular duty: Bell ringer, Daily Zendo Manager, Flower Maintenance, Tea Table Maintenance, Sound Person, Yoga and Mindful Movement Instruction, Take Down and Clean-Up Team.

Sign up sheets are on the door to the Tea Room and task instructions are located on the tables in the Tea Room.

Bell Ringing

At residential (stay over) retreats, bells are rung for morning wake-up, at the end of rest periods which follow each meal and to remind everyone when a sit is about to begin. Volunteers are needed for this task and sign-up sheets can be found in the Tea Room.

In traditional Buddhist symbolism, the bell stands for compassion – its pleasant reverberations reaching out and attracting sentient beings to the practice. Thus, bell ringing is not simply a job, but a samadhi, a merging with the archetype of the compassionate bodhisattva calling beings back to the Source.

The calling bell will be kept in the Tea Room. To alert all of an upcoming sit, the bell ringer carries it around the residence buildings outside and through the halls of the main buildings striking it loudly, ten minutes before sitting periods.

To wake-up, the bell is rung loudly around the residence buildings at 5:00 AM giving retreatants 30 minutes to get to the Zendo.